Terms & Conditions

• C Mobile is a trademark registered property of Wiwanet Solutions Private Limited. Wiwanet is licenced by Department of Telecommunications to provide communications services.

• Any illegal connections or conversations on our services platform that is against the law of Republic of India will be terminated under due course of law.

• As we provide commercial services to our customers, our bill will be generated on first day of every month and it will be sent through whatsapp automatically by the same day.

• Customers can avail 10 days to clear their bill. Those who fail to clear the bill on time, Wiwanet reserves the right to disconnect the service at any time without further notification.

• Wiwanet is using whatsapp services in association with twillio only for sending our bills automatically to our clients. Any other messages that is not legal by Govt of India is noticed, we are culpable for the actions from twillio by sacrificing our connection with twillio

• Wiwanet/Cmobile holds all the right to change its terms and conditions periodically based on the change of rules and regulations issuing by Government of India.